Bug Out #71 has come and gone and the show field featuring the H2O filled Dubs did not disappoint!

Unlike pt. 1 of my Bug Out coverage this post will hit a little closer to home for most of our viewers. “If it takes anti-freeze then it belongs on the right side of the road” I heard one person say as the show field filled beyond its boundaries. There were a ton of good looking cars on hand Sunday and looking back on my coverage I feel that I should have taken more pictures, if it were cooler I may have. If you were there then you know what I mean, the heat was nearly unbearable at points but it didn’t make the day any less impressive.

We go to Bug Out year after year and sometimes you see the same old cars and they look just like they did three years ago but I really think this year had way more to offer. It could have been because the Discovery Channel was supposed to be on hand taking footage and everyone wanted their car to be on national TV but who really cares about that ;). I didn’t personally run into any of those people all day but I’m sure they were around. Facts are facts though, when you have put on a show seventy times in the past then you know a thing or two about bringing people from all over to your 71st event.

For some people this is the first show of the year and they get to bring out the projects that had them cooped up in their garages all winter. It is always fun to run into people like this and check out their rides, talk to them, look at cell phone pictures of their tireless efforts as they get into telling you about that all nighter trying to finish the engine bay back in February. It’s really exciting to meet people with so much passion for their cars and to me that’s what going to these shows is all about.

Bug Out always has a lot to offer when it comes to eyecandy and a little something for everyone. If you like big boost, high horsepower builds or if you like totally restored mk1 metal then chances are you’re going to find it on the show field. We were a little bummed that they wouldn’t let us vend on the day of the show but we are trying to work that out with them as you read this. All in all it was a great day with some great friends and we can’t wait until Bug Out #72 this fall! See you guys soon!