This year my buddy Dylan showed up to H2Oi in his freshly widened, shaved, and sprayed B4 Wagon and I knew I had to shoot it immediatelly!

This 1997 Passat Wagon steals the spotlight. Since Dylan purchased the car he has been doing little things to make it his own and in the months before H2Oi he pulled out the stops. He had the rear fenders pulled three inches and shaved the hatch before spraying the entire car Marrakesh Brown.

The wagon rides on Airlift Slam Series front bags as well as Air Lift rear struts and the airflow is managed with manual paddle valves. Dylan then decided on 16×8 Diamond Steelies up front with 16×10’s out back before spraying them a golden color that matches the brown on the body very well. Those are wrapped with 215/40 and 215/50 rubber and laid out with 3″ of camber in the rear and 2.5″ up front, damn.

Dylan is still working on the interior of the car and the goods under the hood but I’m sure the decisions he makes with the rest of the car will only set it off more. Look for him rolling around the shows next year and enjoy the rest of the pictures!