Enough cars to shut down a section of Atlanta, roadways turned into parking lots, and police intervention… If you weren’t lucky enough to actually make it to the event that day, check out the following coverage from ReadySetFilm!

“2012 will be a year most of us import alliance goers will never forget. If you were lucky enough to actually make it to the stadium then you got to see one heck of a show. Most of the cars that rolled in were turned away by 12pm because we actually shut atlanta down. By 10 am I heard that most of the exit ramps going into Atlanta were shut down by cops to control traffic to the event. I-75 was at a stand still and all roads around the parking lots were packed with cars. We only got to stay for about 4 hours before the cops intervened and shut the event down. We had over exceeded the limit a long time before it was realized and some reports said that we had over 6000 cars in the parking lot and cars were still pouring in. It was insane. By 3pm the lots had mostly cleared out due to the ATLPD clearing us out but while it lasted it was awesome!” -R.S.F.

Huge thanks goes out again to our friends ReadySetFilm for shooting this event! Keep an eye out for more from them on our pages!