If you like attending a show and getting a mix of different cars, people, music, and unexpected surprises like a celebrity appearance by Pedo Bear or R/C video cameras… Then you can’t afford to miss out on this event!

We rolled in fashionably late the day of the show and the lots around Dash Motors and Performance were already packed with a wide variety of autos. The mischief crew really knows how to rope in the exotics and the big horsepower crowds one last time before winter sets in.

Everything from slammed European rides, crazy swapped powerhouses, one of a kind exotics, bikes, and full tube chassis racers were in attendance for the viewing pleasure of the seemingly endless crowd of spectators. If this event gets any bigger they may need to relocate! Live Entertainment was provided by LJ MTX & DJ Jon Deke who were on point all day.

This show has yet to let me down and I strongly suggest you attend the next event if you’re down for having a good time with other enthusiasts. The Mischief.tv crew and Dash Motors and Performance know how to put on a show… Check out MegaMeet.org for future events!