Another cruise on the mountain, well… not really. The rumors might have been somewhat true about Dubs Do Skyline getting “banned” from Skyline Drive, but that’s not supposed to stop us, right?

A combination of things from previous years caused the problem really. You get 150+ cars driving on a two lane road for three hours or so and you are inevitably going to get on the wrong side of some park rangers. Anyway, this years Dubs Do Skyline consisted of different routes through the valley and a ‘fast’ route that went as far north as Berkeley Springs, WV. The meet began at the Royal Plaza Parking Lot in Front Royal, VA and stemmed off from there with each route meeting back at the Bing Crosby Stadium Park for the BBQ/awards ceremony. I showed up, camera in hand, for what would undoubtedly be a great cruize.

As always, at the end of this cruise we regroup for the cookout, awards, and free stuff giveaway. This year the recent flooding in Front Royal made things quite interesting but we made due with what we were given and the show went on. Cj came through once again with a ton of BBQ from his family’s restaurant and everyone else shared what they had brought with the entire group of participants, it really is nice to be a part of this community! After the cookout a variety of free swag from the event sponsors was passed out to lucky raffle winners and this year Euro tags were awarded to the winners of each category. It was another great cruise for sure, we would like to congratulate all of the winners and thank all of the participants who joined us for the day and we would like to throw out a huge thanks to the organizers! See you next time!



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