H2Oi turns Ocean City into a Volkswagen owner’s paradise for one weekend a year, or for the early birds, an entire week. People make the drive to the tourist town all the way from Texas and Washington State to the far reaches of Canada.

Once in Ocean City, it is no surprise to waste as much gas cruising the strip as it took for you to drive there. There are meets, gtg’s, and photo shoots from ‘tattoo’s and tacos’ to the secret MK1 meet to take up your time as well. It truly is difficult to see everything there is to offer.

When it gets dark, the real fun starts. The parking lot of the Convention Center turns into a huge car show every night and the road out front is the prime spot to impress the crowd or receive ridicule. Other lots fill up as well and there are all kinds of roadside shenanigans including the ‘Red Light Challenge’ and ‘Beer for Burnouts’. Needless to say, if you are bored at H2Oi, it’s your own fault.

If you aren’t tired of walking and taking pictures of VW’s yet, drag your hungover self out to Ocean Downs Sunday morning for the actual car show that is H2Oi. You are bound to find something you can’t live without in the vendors area, and VWoA is always on hand with plenty free swag. You probably wont find a show field this full of VW’s anywhere else in the state’s so soak up all you can. Maybe you will get an idea for that project you have stowed away in your back yard.

H2Oi has never let me down. If you have been debating on making the drive but always felt that it was too far, suck it up next year, you won’t regret it.