IT DIDN”T SNOW OR RAIN!!!! Unfortunately it was cold and windy but if you were rolling in a freshly waxed car on summer tires you were damn greatful for the lack of slush and wet stuff. This year was Madison Motorsports 10th anniversary and members old and new showed up in force! Brian Otters and Brock Clayton even brought a group up from Virginia Tech to join in to the festivities.

The variety was amazing in both old and new. There was a right hand drive first-gen Honda Prelude, Corvette representing , Classic 66 Mustang Coupe and radical Duster 340 drag car of Terry Taylor’s which won the classic class. The best Domestic was awarded to an 04 Supercharged Mustang Cobra. In the ever popular import category there was everything from a “work in progress” late 80’s/early 90’s Prelude, tons of WRX’s, 3 to 4 Evo’s, 4 Miata’s (new record?!), but a Red RX7 with tons of polished bits stole the show and a few ear drums demonstrating it’s exhaust cutout.  I’m not bitter that I didn’t win in my red Miata…not bitter at all..Joking aside though the RX7 did have a ton of work and effort in it and the engine bay was immaculate.

The Euro Class was jam-packed with BMW M3’s including a time trial winning M3 shod with Hoosiers, a big pimpin 535i driven by club Presidente Jake Thiewes, a sweet Audi, and several VW Golfs with the winning euro being Thomas Harris’s old Dirty Bunny diesel powered Rabbit.  The 4×4 class didn’t really have stiff competition with Matt Sullivan’s Lifted Ford easily overtaking Gerald Irisn’s Forester and the only person brave enough to bring a bike was Joey Klimchuk who deserves the award because that wind was brutal.

Bob Wade Subaru could not possibly be a better sponsor as they had three WRX’s on display and gave out tons of calendars and Subaru merch. Maybe next year they’ll let me go all Ken Block on everyone’s ass with the Black STi! Red Bull also made it’s presence known with a cute radically modified mini and two charming young ladies giving away free Red Bull. Hopefully Cat’s Crade recieved a lot of money from donations and entry fees from the show’s surprisingly good turnout.

Please forgive the poor photo resolution…I’m much better at writing that photography…or at least I hope.