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VW Union

I visited Denver, Colorado earlier this month for a wedding and to take in as much of the area as I possibly could in the short time I was there. I had no idea when I boarded the plane out of Virginia that I would spend part of my weekend meeting some great people and […]

H2Oi, Friday

I arrived late Thursday evening to Ocean City, MD tired and hungry. After a quick stop by the Convention Center my hunger seemed to be the reason for my lack of concentration so we went to find food and of course, beer. After dinner and unpacking the car we decided to call it a night, […]

Dirty Gertie

Meet Gertie, Derek and Brandi Chaney’s 2003 GTI, their only child until October this year. I have been around this car and witnessed its progress for a few years now so when it came time to finally shoot it for a feature here on Speed Happens I was very excited. This shoot happened totally by […]

Waterfest 2011

With this being my first year attending WaterFest I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect, especially with the show being a mere 30 minutes from the Jersey shore. We didn’t let that stop us however, we loaded into Alan’s rabbit and hit the road for what was quite possibly the bumpiest ride through five states […]

Bug Out #69

As always the crew attended Bug Out at Old Dominion Speedway in Manassas, Virginia this May. Coming down off of our Southern Worthersee high Bug Out was a refreshing way to get back into our local scene.